2m³ Skip Bin Hire


  • No Ezi Load Ramp on this model
  • 1800mm top length,
    900mm height,
    1500mm width
  • Volume equivalent to:
    2 standard trailers, or 8 wheelie bins

  • Small cleanups
  • Minor renovations
  • Palm fronds & garden tidy ups
  • Small event recycling & waste

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4m³ Skip Bin Hire


  • Ezi Load Ramp available on this model
  • 3200mm top length,
    940mm height,
    1500mm width
  • Volume equivalent to:
    4 standard trailers, or 16 wheelie bins

  • Moving house
  • Kitchen renovations
  • Large garden tidy ups
  • Medium event recycling & waste

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6m³ Skip Bin Hire


  • Ezi Load Ramp available on this model
  • 3700mm top length,
    1250mm height,
    1500mm width
  • Volume equivalent to:
    6 standard trailers, or 24 wheelie bins

  • Deceased estates
  • Construction Projects
  • Tree removal and major garden maintenance
  • Large event recycling & waste

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Hiring a Skip Bin

Skip Bins are hired out for a delivery and waste removal charge, but your rate may vary depending on the number of days you require it. Skip bins can be ordered on short notice, subject to availability. However we recommend ringing at least a day prior to ensure a timely delivery.

Ezi Load Ramps

Our 4m³ and 6m³ skip bins come equipped with an Ezi Load ramp subject to availability for unparalleled safety and ease of use. The ramp door folds down as required for time saving wheel barrow loading or walk ins.

What can / can’t I put in my skip bin?

Darwin’s Waste Management Facility accepts most forms of non-liquid waste. However it is important to note that you do not put these items in your skip bin:

  • No asbestos/fibro products
  • No food waste (putrescrible waste)
  • Hazardous waste
  • Liquid waste

Overloading your skip bin?

Skip Bin loads must be able to be safely transported without risk of debris falling out, so our driver may ask you to remove excess loads. Your load should not breach the top of the Skip Bin where possible.

Each of our Skip Bins are quoted based on a weight limit as noted along side each Skip Bin above, and charges may apply if there are excesses. Please ask your Ezi Skip Bins representative for advice if you plan on heavier loads.

Where can I place the skip bin?

Council Regulations permit the placement of skip bins on your property or nature strip directly adjoining your property, without blocking the footpath. The Ezi Green Skip Bins delivery truck will require some ample space to manoeuvre and place your bin. If you are limited on spaces to place your bin, you may require a smaller size.

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